Sciatic nerve pain sufferers rejoice…!

I got an e-mail awhile back from Vincent in New Hampshire.  He contacted us to ask if our claim that Adjustable Advantage would help to ease his sciatic nerve pain was true.  He had read that the support provided would not allow your legs to fall asleep as easily as they normally might when sitting for prolonged periods on standard, ordinary toilet seats.

You see, Vincent suffers from Sciatica, a common medical condition that is characterized by pain in the lower back and the legs. This condition is caused as a result of the inflammation of the sciatic nerve. Owing to various factors, sometimes extra pressure is exerted on the sciatic nerve. This leads to the compression and eventually inflammation of the nerve. (This definition was excerpted from the website) (It is highly informative and I recommend you visit the website to learn more about Sciatica.)

With my assurance that it was true, Vincent ordered his seat and installed it in mid-January. At that time, he e-mailed me to let me know the seat had arrived and that he was pleased with the easy installation and that it was Comfy!

Several weeks later, Vincent e-mailed me again to say, “The seat has been fantastic so far. Still nice and sturdy too. If I know I’m going to be awhile, I just scoot back a little further, adjust my seat and my feet don’t hurt or fall asleep!”

Vincent’s is one of several feel good stories that I have heard recently from users of The Adjustable Advantage Toilet Seat. Thank you Vincent for allowing me to share your story.

Look for it wherever you go!

Happy Sitting


About adjustable advantage toilet seat

I am the world's only adjustable toilet seat that is capable of providing people of all shapes and sizes with a comfortable, more relaxing experience. When you are finished using me, I will get out of your way so that you can finish your business.
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